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Welcome to Take 2 With Toni.  We hope you'll join us each week for interesting conversation.  Many of our guests are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Other topics will also be disussed, including health & fitness, 50+ Lifestyle...you name it.  So be sure to check our calendar for future shows & events right here.



Take 2 With Toni is a show about all of us....you - me - the global world and all it's amazing diversity.  It's people places and things that don't always make it into the mainstream media.


Host Toni Crabtree shows us ordinary people, doing extraordinary things, as well adding her own insights into our everyday lives...what makes us tick...what makes us healthy and not healthy...situations that confront and perplex our daily existence...and a lot more.


No matter what your personal interests... If you're looking for the informative - the entertaining - the thought provoking, or the comical side of life; you're sure to find it here on Take 2 With Toni.

Show 1 - 1-5-15

Good Advice & A Good Rant Too

Segment 1:  Are You Taking Too Many Vitimins?


Segment 2:  Banking Fraud & Illegal Fees


Segment 3:  Tina McGuire - Arthur Murry Dance Studios



Irv Rudley

Film producer & artist Irv Rudley talks about the film industry and why he left it.



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Segment 3

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Show 5


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