Take 2 With Toni
Take 2    With Toni

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Feel free to drop us a line regarding any of our shows.  We love hearing from you.  Your comments, suggestions and feedback help to make this a better experience for all of us; and its YOUR input that makes YOU a part of all of this as well.


The stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things are only part of our efforts; and no doubt, we can bring those stories to you all day long.  But our intention is do more.


By opening up new horizons into our world by sharing what we know with others, our planet benefits from the collective efforts of all of us together.- our culture


Our show's content can vary widely.  However the main theme is the same.  It is our hope that you will share your experiences with us - as we have with you.  It is in this one on one communication that will bring us back in tune with ourselves as a cohesive whole...instead of being alienated amongst our own kind.


Learning to share what we have, physically, spiritually, intellectually and collectively, makes us a powerful force in helping humanity

We believe shows like this help bring people closer together.  After all, we're all sharing this great planet, with all of its wonders.  We are all collectively grouped as one.


If you have a question...we'll try to answer it.  If we can't...we'll find someone who will.

Everybody's got a great story to tell.....What's yours?




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